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Constructing the Temporary Bypass

December 3rd, 2018


A temporary bypass is in the process of being constructed since the existing Route 8 NB needs to have a complete concrete deck replacement which includes new joints and parapet curbs for the entire bridge structure.  Since there are only two lanes of travel available on this bridge it is necessary to build a bypass east of the Naugatuck River which is to carry traffic through the Mixmaster. 

This two-lane highway, less than one mile in length, will consist of three temporary bridges: two over the Naugatuck River and one over Freight Street. Cranes are currently set up and being used to install the piles (steel beams) which will support the abutments and piers of the new bridges. These piles are being driven 60 to 70 feet into the ground and are spaced 4 to 5 feet apart.

In an effort to help motorists make the connections to and from I-84 to Route 8, one lane of traffic will be maintained on the existing Route 8 Northbound.

Work will be performed on all of the ramps and it will be necessary to close the ramps from time to time. When these closures occur, traffic will be detoured on the bypass and to a U-turn off of Exit 35 Oakville-Watertown Route 73 east of Aurora Street.  Traffic will then proceed on Route 8 Southbound to the appropriate ramp for the direction the motorists would like to proceed.

Construction work on the bypass will continue through the winter and it is expected that the bypass will be open to traffic mid-year 2019. A public meeting will be scheduled prior to the opening of the bypass.

The work to rehabilitate Route 8 Northbound is expected to take 2 to 3 years. Once Route 8 Northbound is complete traffic will be restored to its original location and the bypass will be removed.

For more detailed information, please email us at info@mixmaster-rehab.com.

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