The Route 8/I-84 Mixmaster rehabilitation project in Waterbury began in mid-June.

The project consists of the rehabilitation of numerous bridges located within the Route 8 and I-84 Interchange. The purpose is to preserve and provide a 25-year service life to the structures and to assure their structural integrity.  The project consists of deck repairs and replacements, steel repairs, substructure repairs, joint repairs, and other general repairs.

To facilitate this work and to provide safe and efficient passage for all motorists, a temporary bypass will be built consisting of three temporary bridges (two over the Naugatuck River and one over Freight Street) to carry Route 8 Northbound traffic through the Interchange. This bypass will be in effect for three years. In order to construct the bypass, southbound Riverside Street, west of Route 8, will be converted from a one-way road into a bi-directional road.  Northbound Riverside Street will be closed to local traffic including the closing of the I-84 Westbound Exit 32 to Riverside Street Northbound.  

DOT Project No. 151-326/151-312/151-313 was awarded to Walsh Construction Company at a cost of $152,960,945.27 on April 18, 2018 and is scheduled to be completed September 10, 2022.